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Campus Radio Station of the Sri Palee Campus, will be ceremonially invigorated

at 9.00 am on 31.03.2011 with Professor Kshanika Hirimburegama Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo as the Chief Gust..

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The values to which Sri Palee Campus aspires are to be open, accessible and inclusive, intellectually stretching, simulating and challenging, hospitable, welcoming, cheerful, professional, creating aesthetically pleasing environments and supportive Communities, well rounded , holistic, integrated, a team , a community of communities, collaborating in wider partnerships.

The expectation of the campus is " to be a center of excellence in teaching and research, with commitment to producing men and women of high ethical standers and social responsibility who are capable of creative, analytical and independent thinking, and facilitate the creation of and disseminate of knowledge, and contribute to national development though partnerships between staff, students and different media of society "